Branding; KB Designs!

Over the summer, I have decided to try out a bit of branding! :) I’ve recently looked at some of the past second years’ portfolios and they have their own little branding going on, in and around their site. I am aware that the past second years were doing that as part of a module but I’ve decided to try and get one step ahead and come up with some branding myself. There are a few images below of what I have came up with!

You will notice that I have set up a Facebook page for KB Designs. The reason I have done this is mainly to get some recognition, but mainly in Berwick just now. I’ve shared the page with all my friends etc and I’m starting to get my name out in the local area. Starting off small is the best way to do it I think, and if I can grab in some extra little work, then it’s a bonus!! :)