App Design & Dev; SWOT Analysis

I shall being carrying out some SWOT analysis on the progress I have made so far on my App Design module. It is Friday 4th October and I have just finished all the planning for my App. I am now ready to start cracking on with the design work next week at College. So my SWOT analysis is as follows:


  • Able to work quickly to complete all tasks.
  • Got a good/firm idea for my App that I am designing.
  • Time management is going well; I have a little schedule of tasks needing to be done on certain dates etc.
  • Workflow, User Stories, Wireframes all complete!


  • Confidence; I need to believe in what I am doing so that I can get the best out of my design work.
  • Feeling under pressure a lot this past week, making me rush ideas etc.
  • Not inspired enough at the moment in terms of design.


  • Start to relax more, get the design work complete then I will have 3 weeks to enhance it.
  • Look at loads of different flat designs to gather inspiration!
  • There is potential for this App to be a good one so it’s important that I design well.
  • Hedgehog Lab will soon be giving me feedback. (Massive opportunity!)


  • If I miss a session or miss a deadline, I will be behind with regards to the scheme of work.
  • If I do not find sufficient inspiration, my designs will not look exciting.
  • Network down =  No access to online resources.