App Design & Dev; Module Reflection

First module of the year, and I was given a brief to plan and design an application of the iPhone & iPad platforms. The emphasis was on the User Interface Design (UI) side of things, rather than creating a full working example. Although the main focus was on design for Apple products, I also considered how the application would work on different platforms such as; Android Smartphones.

I really enjoyed this module, it was great learning about the processes of app design and everything that comes with it. I designed an app called ‘Grassroots’, which was basically an app that allowed football scouts to keep an eye on local teams in certain areas. You could check up on both team and player performance. I was very proud of my work as this was the first ever design for mobile I had done.

I received an excellent formative grade in this module with a smashing 72%. I was over the moon with this result as it was my highest yet at the time. The comments included in my feedback were very positive and I took great inspiration from this module and set myself a target. A target which seemed a bit ambitions at first, but one which I knew I could reach if I put all my effort into it. I said to myself, “You’ve set the bar now, try to get at least 70% in every module this academic year.”