An Introduction to Scripting & Programming for Web

Well as another module goes, another one comes flying in! This time, were onto the optional module, and by optional I don’t mean choose to do it or not. It’s compulsory but the choices are optional. We either had a design or development module to choose from, and to better myself as well as further my knowledge in this area, I chose the development one!

What I will be doing is taking my Neon Legal final design and building it completely in WordPress. I have been tasked to utilise the Child Theme as well as Plugins to build the website. My experience within WordPress is very little, but I do know my way around the dashboard etc having used it for this blog etc.

I am looking forward to making a start on this module, it sounds very interesting and will give me a whole load of new skills when it comes to the development side of things!

Also, having this site live up on my blog will be excellent for me in the long run! I can show people my design and then show them the actual site as well! This Neon brief has been superb and I strongly believe I can do well in this module!

So… Here’s to the last module on the course! GO GO GO!