Alternative Techniques; SWOT Analysis

BUSY BUSY!! Thursday evening, and I think it’s a good idea that I carry out some SWOT Analysis in relation the module that I have been working tirelessly on the past week. It’s the module where I am “re-building” the Jon Watson Consulting website on a responsive framework. I must say, things are going well so far, this responsive stuff is very interesting! My SWOT is as follows:


  • Good knowledge now of HTML 5 and CSS 3, so it means I can work through the site quickly.
  • Very motivated within this module – It’s a great brief and I love the development side of things in Web.
  • All my planning etc such as wireframes for different layouts are now complete so I can strictly focus on the HTML and CSS now.


  • Not had much experience in Responsive Web Design, so such features like Media Queries are new to me. This could hold back the speed in which I would normally work.
  • Memory… Sometimes I forget things to do with the code and it can be quite frustrating.


  • I should buy a book that specifically targets Responsive Web Design. By doing some further reading, it’s going to help me so much both short term and long term.
  • Do more wireframes! By experimenting with extra layouts etc, I will be able to see what works best at different breakpoints.


  • BACK UP YOUR WORK! It is very important that I do this because if I lose all my files in regards to this module, I’m stuck.
  • If I miss a session or miss a deadline, I will be behind with regards to the scheme of work.
  • Network down =  No access to online resources.