Alternative Techniques; Module Reflection

Came back after the Christmas break and it was straight into another module; this time Alternative Techniques. In this module I had to create a new, responsive version of the existing website of Jon Watson Consulting. This brief was handed to me by local company Status Digital and it was a chance to get my hands on responsive design for the first time. I used information architecture techniques and user interface versions to plan my project before I started building the site. I was also was introduced to a variety of CSS frameworks, used specifically for responsive design.

The CSS framework that I used to create a new version of the Jon Watson Consulting website was Unsemantic. This was the first time I used a responsive framework and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed working on the site. Throughout the year I started to lean more towards the front-end side of thing so this module was one in which I wanted to excel in most. I thought my version of the site was great and I had learnt so much.

YES! I reached my target of 70%. And the formative grade I got was dead on 70%, so it was JUST a distinction. Comments within my feedback that I received from my tutor was excellent, I was so proud of myself that I done well on this module. I had an excellent understanding of theory, practice, processes and contexts. I spent a lot of time reading up on responsive design to help me understand the skills and processes that are involved in this so it was a huge achievement for me that my hard work was noticed.