A huge weight off my shoulders!

Phew! Managed to get the Motion Graphics module handed in on time! :)

Big relief for me as I was starting to feel pressure foe the first time this year in regards to hand in. In the end, everything went well and  I got it all sorted in the end with no problems at all. In my last post, I mentioned that I still had the development side of things to complete in this module. Well, this time round, I thought I would try something new and do a development film; this consists of a screen recording and me producing a voice over of what I’ve done. I feel that it went pretty well and I will definitely be considering doing another film when a module allows me to record one.

In conclusion to these two modules, (Sequential Imaging & Motion Graphics), I found them very interesting and I learnt a huge amount of new skills. Using new software and learning a lot more about the code has really helped me develop my skills and my confidence is growing every week in this field.

What have I got to do now?

Now that is officially the Easter holidays, I can relax… but not too much! (I will be doing loads of work OBVIOUSLY!).

First of all, I have a trip to Amsterdam on the 8th! Really looking forward to it, a deserved break I think from a hard term at College. It will be my first time away with the lads too so it should be a good one!

When I come back, it’s all about getting my head down and focusing on the final two modules of the year. The first one being Work Based Learning, where I am creating a website for a client of my own. & the second module being PPD, which has been on going throughout the year.

I will be writing my final proposal after a few drafts which I have had checked over by my tutors this week. Once I have written it, I will then be meeting up with my client to go through the project brief, and fingers crossed it will all go well and I can start designing! :D

Have a good holiday folks!